Whether you are a book lover, a blogger, a writer or an author, following some top literary accounts on Instagram could help boost your number of followers and grow your account.

Engaging with the types of users following and running these accounts will aid in your quest to be a part of the online community and attract members of your target audience to your account.

Four of the best accounts to follow in the literary niche are:

Ernest Hedgingway

This is a book-loving hedgehog who poses atop stacks of the finest in literature.

An excellent demonstration of how to combine two different niches – literature and cute animals.

Over 50,000 users think this is an account worth following, yet each post averages under 50 comments.

Commenting on posts and tagging other users in the comments section is a great way to start engaging with this account and the active followers it has.

The more visible your comments, the more likely someone will click on your profile and start following you.

Last Night’s Reading

This account is run by Kate Gavino, who attends author’s book readings and then draws their portraits and adds in quotes.

What makes this account stand out is that she features prominent words from the authors spoken at their readings, rather than simply using quotes from their writing.

It’s also a way of somewhat attending readings from all over New York City and Paris without having to do any of the traveling yourself.

This is a great account to tag or repost because it’s so interesting and unique that your followers would probably enjoy the content and at the same time, Instagram users appreciate this kind of acknowledge and recognition.

It helps form the basis of a positive relationship and could spawn account takeovers or reciprocal shout outs.

The Paris Review</h2>

This account stands out on newsfeed because its black and white written posts contrast to all the color that usually in posts.

The Paris Review is a literary magazine and it shares a combination of poems and excerpts from the magazine.

This is a popular account that tops many lists but it is still worth following because you can find inspiration for writing, as well as form connections and relationships with like-minded individual and industry figures.

This will help Instagram growth on your Instagram account, get more followers and engagement, as well as potentially growing your writing career.

Fiction Not Friends

London-based and very dramatic, this account is a fun one to show up on your feed which makes it easy to write meaningful comments on their posts.

The photos mainly feature books inserted into places made of stone, ivy, darkness, and fire.

Again, the best way to make an impact on the growth of your account is to comment on the posts, tag some friends and hope to engage other users and attract them to your profile.

Being seen as an active and engaging account will encourage other people to visit your profile and help you get more followers.

So, if you are running an account on Instagram that relates to books, writing, blogging, reading or anything to do with literature or words, try following these accounts and see what happens.

Make sure when you comment you are adding something that is meaningful rather than a generic comment or a series of emojis, that way you’re more likely to form connections and build relationships with other users.