Photography accounts are always fun to follow on Instagram, because who doesn’t like to look at breathtaking landscapes? Following them can have a positive effect on your Instagram growth too.

For example, if you travel a lot and this is the focus of your account, following landscape photography accounts is a great way to engage with other users who appreciate scenery from across the globe.

Interacting with them could lead to new followers for you.

Here are five top accounts in landscape photography to follow:

Janske Kaethoven

Janske focuses on lonely landscapes and nature in her photography, with the occasional animal portrait thrown in.

She has almost a quarter of a million followers and her photos get thousands of likes.

Her comments section range from about 50-150 comments per post.

An idea of how to use her account to your own advantage would be to repost a photo (with the appropriate credit of course) and see if you can capitalize on her popularity by sharing a photo that really spoke to you, and was relevant to your account as well.

Adam Senatori

Adam is a pilot who takes photos of all of his ‘work’ escapades.

It’s not an amateur photography account, his photos are absolutely stunning, and it’s basically what every traveler dreams of doing.

You can follow and engage with this account if your own is related to travel, photography, wanderlust, backpacking, or even the nomad life.

Commenting on his posts and interacting with his other followers could have some serious benefits for your account’s growth.

This is because you can share your awe with his other followers, and use this as the basis of form new relationships and engage with new people.

And new relationships on Instagram often equate to new followers.

Simone Bramante

One of the top tips are running a successful Instagram account is to tell a story with your photos.

Simone does exactly that.

He photographs human subjects with stunning landscapes as the backdrop, each photo giving away a little bit more of his story.

This is a great account to follow for inspiration on photo storytelling.

Josh Packer

Josh’s account features photos documenting the time he spends exploring and uncovering the vast and uncharted wilderness of Idaho.

Think lots of unpolluted starry skies, remote cabins, mountains, lakes, and seasonal changes.

Many Instagram users have taken advantage of tagging, and have tagged Josh either in photos similar to his in the hopes of attracting some of his followers to their profile (a smart move), or have tagged him in their caption directly people to his account for more inspiration.

Shout outs and tags are a great way to form trust and relationships on Instagram, which in turn gets you more followers.

Hannes Becker

Self-described “German roamer” Hannes Becker has 1.1 million Instagram followers.

His photographs include breathtaking images of landscapes and nature.

Some of them have a quite a unique perspective, such as the shot from below the water, taken from his underwater house as the Arctic sun was going down.

Another features a whale shooting water from its blowhole just as the sun was reflecting upon the water, creating the illusion of a giant flame on the water.

Every photo has a caption detailing what was happening at that moment, telling his followers his story.

Plenty of users have tagged him in their own photos, usually featuring similar landscapes to his own.

This is a great way to boost the visibility of your photos because anyone who clicks on the tagged section of his profile will see your photo.

Hopefully, these five accounts will get you started on building your own audience and forming new relationships on Instagram.

Remember that you don’t need a landscape photography account for these to be relevant, think about what these users will be interested in.

It could also be travel, or nature, or hiking, and so if your account focuses on one of these, you can still tap into these audiences to gain relevant followers.