There are many possible directions to take with a horse or equestrian focused account.

You can take a candid approach with posts of your favorite and adorable pony, or eventing style, or enjoying the great outdoors atop your favorite hacking mount.

These five accounts below are great to follow to see the variety in different equestrian accounts, what makes each successful, and how this might help you to get more followers on a similarly themed equine account.

Horse Balance

Run by Swedish horse trainer Norah Kohle, this account is a documentation of her work with a Connemara and a Friesian.

It follows her into the world of historical dressage and the beautiful outdoors.

Life Between The Ears

Featuring photos exclusively taken from between horses ears, it gives a glimpse into the life of a rider and describes itself as ‘The World From A Saddle’.

This account has its own merchandise shop and encourages users to add the hashtag #LifeBetweenTheEars for a chance to be featured.

Using other accounts branded hashtags is a great way to boost your visibility.

Even if you don’t get selected to be on their feed, you’ll still show up in the #LifeBetweenTheEars search, which a lot of their followers are likely following as well.

Big Sky Bandits

Montana-based account featuring beautiful horses in the stunning natural landscape that is Montana.

From bright blue skies to white snow, bold sunsets and everything in between.

This account has 25,500 followers so it’s on the smaller side, making it nice for engagement purposes.

Most photos receive 20-something comments, so you’re quite likely to be seen if you comment on these.

This is a great way to get more followers for yourself, as when you start interacting with others, they will often head to your profile page to check out who you are, and from there they can click ‘Follow’.

Milton Menasco

Focusing on horses and equestrian style, this elegant yet preppy account is definitely worth following.

The stand out factor about this account above the rest is that when you scroll through the photos on the feed, they’ve done something very interesting.

They’ve taken one photo and split it up into six so that when scrolling through, it looks like a giant photo. Perhaps intriguing enough to entice people to click that ‘Follow’ button.


There are many types of equestrian accounts, and ranch life ones can’t be forgotten!

This is one of the best ranch life accounts on Instagram, it takes us through the daily life on a horse ranch in the most picturesque way possible.

The comments on these posts are generally quite low so it’s a good place to try and engage with like-minded individuals because your comments won’t get lost in a sea of hundreds.

These accounts should help inspire you, direct you and help you get more followers on Instagram.

Engage with their posts an take note of what makes a popular post or not, and before long you should be growing your followers in no time.