High fashion can be a tough one to crack on Instagram, whether you’re a brand, model, blogger or aspiring Influencer. It’s a hard balance to get right – keeping your posts professional, glamorous and high-end, yet managing to retain an element of reliability, which of course is what Instagram is all about.

Following accounts similar to your own is a great starting place for growing your account. This is because it’ll give you ideas about the best ways to run your account, and the things you should and shouldn’t be posting. It also gives you a chance to engage with posts and form connections with those interested in your content, increasing your followers’ list.

Here are five of the best accounts to follow within the high fashion niche:

Alexa Chung

Socialite turned fashion icon, Alexa Chung has over 3.2 million followers. She promotes her own lines of fashion on her account, casually modeling them in her posts. There’s a very slim chance she’ll respond to your comments or feature any of your posts, unless she’s running a contest to gather user-generated content, but it’s a great one to follow for inspiration.

Danielle Bernstein

Two million users follow Danielle to get their “We Wore What” fix, her successful fashion blog turned business. Featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 list, she now has her own lines of high fashion wear. Her feed is brimming with pics of her on the street experimenting with all sorts of high fashion looks. This is another great inspirational account to follow, different from the runway types of account, because everything is put into a daily life context and has more of an urban grit vibe.

Maja Wyh

Known as a digital tastemaker from Germany, she is one of the people who decides what is going to be fashionable the next season, and helps make it happen. Her account has a more artsy vibe, and with 322,000 followers she’s a bit more attainable than some of the other accounts on this list. The people following this account are likely serious about fashion rather than just fans of a blog, so a good audience to tap into.


You can’t have a high fashion list without mentioning one of the designer greats. Gucci, with a whopping 32.3 million followers, along with other leading designers, should be on your follow list. Keep on top of what high fashion designers are up to so your own posts can stay current. You may not be a high fashion brand yourself, but if you’re running a high fashion account, you need to know what’s going on in the industry and following their Insta accounts is an easy way to stay on top of it.

Gigi Hadid

46 million followers strong, Gigi showcases her work with Prada, her spreads in Vogue and her partnership with Reebok. What makes her account so popular is that she mixes in high fashion posts with snippets of her real life. This is a valuable tip to take away in running a successful Instagram account. People follow her because she’s a fashion influencer and famous model, they stay because she gives little insights into her personal life.

Hopefully, these accounts will give you some ideas of what to do, and not to do, and the different ways to approach running a high fashion Instagram account. Mimic what works for them, but also make sure to create your own persona and stick to it. Interacting with other users into fashion in the comments section will help you get more followers on Instagram, growing your account to successful levels.