For some people, healthy eating isn’t just something to be done in January, it’s a day-to-day, year-round type of thing.

Like breathing.

And you better believe there are all sorts of Instagram accounts out there focusing solely on diet, nutrition and healthy eating.

Even if you’re a foodie, and a rich, decadent type of foodie, some of these healthy living accounts can be worth following.

Their audiences are made up purely of people who have obsessions with food, whether they are healthy, want to be healthy, or just want some tips to balance out.

It’s a great way to tap into a ready-made food obsessed audience.

Shut The Kale Up

Jeannette Ogden is the mom and health enthusiast behind Shut The Kale Up, and her account makes a nice change from all the eggs and avocado on toast recipe suggestions.

Almost 300,000 Instagram users follow her, showing that she is indeed a breath of fresh air.

Her recipes ideas include delicious things like vanilla yogurt drizzled on top of cinnamon roasted sweet potato, coconut milk mango cream and almond butter on toasted paleo bread.

Sounds delicious, maybe she’ll branch out and start a delivery service.

Obviously, her posts are pretty popular, but because they are so delicious it makes it easy to add your comment to them.

Try and do it quickly so your comment nears the top, which gets the most replies and interactions, which leads to more potential new followers for you.

Feel Good Foodie

Yumna Jawad now has almost two million followers on her healthy eating foodie account.

The recipes for her sumptuous posts are added to her blog, with of course the link in the bio.

They range from kid-friendly snacks to dinner party sides, whatever they are, they are always wholesome and nutritious.

Feel Good Foodie is a great account to look for inspiration of how to expand your own healthy eating account, so many can be preachy or just full of salads.

This account shows that you can be a healthy hit by adding all sorts of variety to your posts.

It also makes it easier to comment on her photos, because they are all so different and worth of different comments each time, as opposed to, ‘Oh wow, another great looking salad!’.

Meow Meix

Amanda Meixer is a big fan of eggs every single day, and avocado on toast.

Having said that, over a million users find her posts to be interesting and informative.

She not only posts about her daily hardboiled eggs, but a ton of really useful nutrition information and comparisons.

She often put things in a clearer light or different perspective, which gives you fuel when thinking of comments to add to her posts.

She even has an email address listed in her bio for anyone who wants to request collaborations.

This is a great way to boost your own account and get more followers on Instagram.

Alison Wu

It’s 2018, everyone loves a smoothie bowl, and Alison Wu has made it her mission to educate her 184,000 followers on how to make your own perfectly nutritious smoothie bowl.

She also shares health tips (immune boosting bath, anyone?), snippets of her personal life and non-smoothie bowl recipes.

Minimalist Baker

A large proportion, though not all, of these accounts are vegan or paleo-based.

Dana Schultz of Minimalist Baker is predominantly gluten-gluten-free and vegan, and she shows how it’s not as limiting as people think, with lots of great and protein-packed recipe ideas.

What makes her account stand out from the rest is that every single one of her recipes requires one bowl, 10 or less ingredients and only 30 minutes of preparation.

She has a following of over 750,000 users, all eager to find out how they can eat cleanly and quickly.

Choosing Chia

The voice behind this account goes by Jess, and she promotes eating locally, eating plants and cooking with fresh, seasonal produce.

Her account has no doubt enticed its 258,000 followers in using its vibrantly colorful photos of mouth-mouthwateringly fresh food.

Her posts take followers from local Farmer’s Markets to creating a rainbow of food in her kitchen.

Speaking of seasonal, she shows healthy living isn’t all about fruit and veg with her vegan peppermint mocha donut recipe!

Following these five accounts should help boost your number of followers on Instagram.

It’s not just a magical effect however, you’ll need to engage with their posts in order to strike the attention of other Instagram users.

You can also take a peek at the users who comment the most frequently on their posts, and try following and engaging with them because if they follow you it seems likely they will engage with your posts.