Following accounts within your niche related to the subject area of your niche is a good way to grow your own Instagram accounts.

By following, and engaging with, these types of users you are immersing yourself more fully into the community you are trying to attract as your own followers.

This will encourage people to check out who you are, and decide whether or not they want to follow you.

Getting people to head over to your profile page is held the battle when you’re trying to get more followers on Instagram, so be sure your profile is looking great!

Some accounts worth following within the hand lettering niche are:

Paula Lee Calligraphy

Boasting skills of classic calligraphy, in addition to some with a more “raw feel”, Paula Lee’s account is one to follow.

Over 26,000 users agree with this.

Following her account has many benefits to those in the hand lettering or art niches on Instagram.

She shows how to tie in hand lettering with other brands and companies, for example, writing beautiful lettering for @messykitchenbakingco to go with their beautiful baked goods.

It also provides a good opportunity for networking with like-minded individuals and companies.

Even though she has a reasonably large following, not all of the 26,000 followers are liking or commenting on her posts.

Most of her posts have under 50 comments, so anything you post will likely draw attention to your account instead of being lost in a sea of 4,000 comments.

Amanda Pel Arneill

Amanda posts beautiful shots of her handwritten calligraphy lettering, with mentions of her blog and the online tutorials and courses she offers to help learn lettering.

She boasts skills such as ombre watercolor calligraphy and lettering with foil pieces.

She has over 150,000 followers and while her posts generally get thousands of likes, the comments tend to be under 100 for each post.

This means she is a great account to engage with because she’s more likely to see and respond to your comments, and other users will too.

This improves your standing in the Instagram community and helps you network within your potential target audience.

Jacy Corral

Jacy is a Los Angeles based graphic designer and illustrator, and she shows that hand lettering isn’t all about calligraphy by showcasing a full range of different types of hand lettering on her account.

She has almost 22,000 followers but again, her posts tend to get under 50 comments (some a lot less than this), making her an ideal user to follow.

Christina Chahyadi

Describing herself as a ‘virtual storyteller’, Chrissy is an illustrator and photographer with over 49,300 followers.

She posts about her everyday life as well as including various examples of her hand lettering and doodles.

The doodles and lettering often give sneak peeks into bigger projects she’s working on, such as murals, and links to her online courses on hand lettering at SkillShare.

She has a substantial number of followers, enough to be considered an Influencer in her field, but the number of comments her posts receive is fairly low.

So tap into that and engage with her and her followers in order to grow your own account and get more followers on Instagram.

Mint Ordinary

Janne offers a blend of calligraphy and graffiti on her Mint Ordinary Instagram account.

The account is directly for her business, which offers various products featuring her beautiful lettering.

Ranging from calendars, cards, notebooks, and bespoke orders.

She’s a good account to follow not only to try and obtain new followers by engaging with the account and users on there but also to get some ideas of how to turn hand lettering into a business.

Keep in mind that if your Instagram account focuses on areas like ‘art’ or ‘drawing’ or ‘journaling’, these could also be great accounts to follow because users interesting hand lettering might also be interested in related subjects like art, drawing or journaling.

Also ensure that you are liking and commenting on the posts that these accounts make, in order to get noticed and involved in the community and draw people over to your profile.

This is one of the best ways to grow your Instagram account because it attracts genuine followers rather than those just looking for someone to follow them back or people who will unfollow you quickly.