Fitness for women is big business on Instagram, and if you want to break into the industry you’ll need to be following similar accounts to see what your competition is up to. It’ll also help you interact with the audience you want to target as well.

Some of the best accounts on Instagram to follow for women’s fitness are:

Massy Arias

Los Angeles-based trainer who is known for her creative workouts. She posts lots of videos of her in the gym, mixed in with nutrition and recipe suggestions. She is the CEO of Tru Supplements and created her own meal plan and fitness program called MA Warrior Challenge 30 day program.

Kayla Itsines

With over 11 million followers, Kayla is somewhat of a fitness guru for women. Her posts often feature her toned six pack as inspiration, alongside the workouts and eating regime that helped her achieve and maintain them. She is also a big fan of before and after photos of participants of her routine.

She also brings a personal touch to the account and her business. For example, she is currently pregnant and so documents her pregnancy fitness journey and demonstrates adaptions to the workouts and eating plan for pregnant women. This is something unique to fitness for women accounts, it would not feature on a generic fitness plan. It also helps widen your target audience to include those pregnant and postpartum.

Tracy Anderson

Famous for the Tracy Anderson Method for toning your body in a feminine way, think long lean muscles rather than short bulky ones. That, and being Gwyneth Paltrow’s trainer. She uses Instagram to share workouts, promote her studios, connect with fans and expand her business. She also uses it for brand endorsements like her paid partnership with Minnie Style. That’s one thing to note, women’s fitness and fashion often go hand in hand, instead of runway dresses it is more luxuriously comfy and stretchy!

Brittne Babe

Los Angeles-based Brittne focuses on at home workouts and runs her own 21 Day Challenge on Instagram, starting at regular intervals. She encourages people to sign up and nudges them to help with engagement on posts by offering cash prizes for the top three people with the most amount of likes on their before and after photos. This is a clever method of boosting engagement levels, which will get your posts more visibility.

Anna Victoria

Focused on all around fitness and well-being, Anna is a certified personal trainer and creator or the Fit Body App. She posts a mixture of healthy meal ideas motivational quotes, before and after shots of women who’ve taken her 12 week challenge program, as well as the obligatory mirror selfies.

She also shares snippets of her Fit Body workouts in the captions, along with the aim of the workout, whether to tone, burn fat, boost fitness levels etc. These often come with promo codes for her app or free trials.

These are five of the best fitness for women accounts you can follow on Instagram. They give a wide selection of ideas if you’re looking for new ways to invigorate your account. Following them will also help you get more followers on Instagram by making yourself better known within the community you are trying to target. If you start to get involved with their challenges or interact with their content, you’ll find yourself building relationships with the right people, who will be loyal followers.