The average fitness plan or Instagram workout just might not be of any help to a stay at home mom who wants to keep fit.

They can’t do sit ups because their kid jumps on them, they can’t do yoga because their kid will trash the house, and they can’t go to the gym because well, who will look after the kid?

This makes it an excellent niche within the fitness niche to focus on, there are so many moms at home looking for a way to stay healthy and workout, they just don’t know how.

And you can bet they are all on Instagram! For ideas of where to start, it’s a good step to follow some similar accounts that already exist.

Here are some of the top Fit Mom Instagram accounts to follow:

Nkateko Dinwiddy

She founded the Rockingnheels Dance Workout, and demonstrates through her Insta feed how you can dance your way through motherhood keeping healthy and happy.

She’s relatable as well, acknowledging things like lack of sleep, and how uncomfortable it can be jumping around after having a baby.

From here, she helps inspire her followers to still work out anyway.

She’s partnered with FitBit, which is a perfect partnership for a fit mom because they do so many steps a day it can be a really motivating tool to live an active lifestyle and maintain fitness that way.

She also hosts fitness challenges, giving the details on her Instagram posts.

Heather Quinn

All around healthy parent, Heather throws in all sorts of fitness and lifestyle tips on top of working out tips.

She’s realistic when it comes to ways to workout with kids, and suggests ways to make family days into something active for everyone.

For example, a day at the trampoline park playing dodgeball, doing 5k runs as a family or events like Rugged Maniac.

It keeps everyone fit while also being a present and participating parent.

She gives eating options for when you’re out and about, as so many moms forget to pack themselves nutritious snacks or lunch, and suggests places like Whole Foods, which is perfect because you’re probably out grocery shopping anyway.

She doesn’t have too many followers yet, so this is a good time to interact and comment on her posts and you’re more likely to be noticed.

Rachel Brathen

Yoga Girl, as she is known on Instagram, practices yoga every day – before she had kids, and now her toddler joins her.

It isn’t always a perfect yoga session, but she shows its possible to get your yoga fix each day even with a toddler around.

She also runs with her daughter in the stroller and suggests going for bike rides with them in a little seat.

She also runs yoga retreats and teacher training sessions.

Emily Skye

Australian mom Emily has over 2.4 million followers tuning in to learn about her life as a mom, and pick up her tips on beauty, fitness, and healthy eating.

She has her own meals and training app, which comes with a free trial for first time users.

She attracts followers by opening up about her postpartum depression, the realities of losing baby weight and the elements of motherhood people don’t usually talk about.

Follow her for tips and ideas on how to grow your account, what types of brands to seek for partnerships and to interact with her followers in order to make them your followers also.

Clearly, there is a big market in the fitness for women department when it comes to losing baby weight, healthy pregnancies and maintaining fitness as a mom.

After deciding what tone and what focus you want your account to have, start following these similar accounts and interact with other users and engage with posts, you’ll soon find yourself getting more followers on Instagram.