Lots of different types of fitness accounts exist on Instagram, so it’s a smart move to focus your account on a specific element of fitness.

If you choose to go down the route of fitness for men, you should definitely be following like-minded accounts in order to try and connect with people who will be interested in your content.

There are numerous reasons why people create fitness accounts on Instagram, it can be because they own their own gym and want to promote it, or perhaps they want to share snippets of their workouts in order to sell the full version.

It could be that they are just dedicated to physical well-being, and happen to make a living endorsing particular brands while they go about their lives.

Here are some of the top accounts on Instagram to follow for fitness for men.

Curtis Williams

This former NFL player dedicates his time to showcase his workouts on his Instagram page, with all his moves inspired from the career that made him famous.

Lots of high-intensity moves, and workouts that use your own body weight so you don’t need a house full of gym equipment.

This makes it more accessible, opening up the possibility of more followers.

He runs his own Mind Body classes online and is an Ambassador for Performix House.

He also works with Samsung Mobile USA and Pop Sugar, so has a whole host of partnerships on the go, in collaboration with his Instagram account.

He’s also pretty good about replying to the first few comments on his post, which could help boost the visibility of your account if he replies to you.

Wil Arrufat

Will is a CrossFit trainer, and his account is packed with workouts, motivational quotes and photos of himself at the gym.

A lot of his posts contain full workouts in the body of the text, so for those dedicated enough to read through, you’ll get a full-full-fledged CrossFit workout for free.

He also offers personal training sessions, which can be arranged through direct message.

Mr Shut Up and Train

Ray Grayson is known for his fitness challenges, where he usually gets over 100,000 people signing up to participate.

He uses his Instagram account to promote the challenges and encourage people to sign up.

His feed includes motivational posts and clips of workouts to try at home.

He earns extra money through his line of “Shut Up and Train” gear he sells from his website.

His followers are made up of people looking for ways to get fit, so this is a great audience to tap in to for your own account.

Andy Speer

This former gymnast turned fitness guru focuses primarily on strength training, often shirtless so you can see the hard work pays off.

The workouts include some cardio like sprints, but also plyometrics, kettlebells and gymnast-inspired moves such as weighed work on the rings.

A lot of the workouts require the use of equipment, so this means his audience is likely to have this available, and not be just starting out on their fitness journey.

He also gives outdoor options – just apparatus you can find at playgrounds for example.

He posts full workout suggestions in his captions and is pretty good at interacting with early comments.

Ulisses World

With over six million followers, this is an aspirational follow.

Take note of the types of posts he makes and see what works and what doesn’t.

You can also learn about all the ways to make money from a fitness account because they are pretty much all here! From creating your own line of workout wear and members’ only app, to offering training and meal plans and partnering with sporting and nutrition brands.

Following these accounts, as well as any other similar ones, will help you get more followers on Instagram.

This is because, in order to gain followers, you need to immerse yourself in the community you’re targeting on Instagram.

On top of following them, interact with them and their followers, which will help get you even more followers.