In order to get followers on Instagram, you have to follow other users.

The best way to go about doing this is to look for users with similar interests to you.

For example, if your account focuses on beautiful landscape photography and the tranquility and beauty of life, don’t start following Instagram accounts of crazy parents whose lives are on par with a tornado of toys, food, and trash.

It’s more likely than not you won’t be interested in each other’s content so will unfollow each other pretty quickly.

The best way to get followers, keep them, and use them to get more followers, is to follow like-minded accounts.

When it comes to the niche of feminism and the empowerment of women, there is actually a broad range of Instagram accounts to follow.

This is because, unwittingly, a large number of women are empowering themselves and all women by creating their own businesses and being comfortable with who they are, as well as the more traditional and obvious feminist accounts posting quotes and photos of protests and rallies.

Five of the best Instagram accounts to follow if your own account relates to feminism (whether directly or indirectly) are below.

The Wing

The mission of this account is to advance women through the power of community, and with 312,000 followers it is clearly a popular mission.

It uses community spaces to hold events for women.

They post anything from a woman breastfeeding in public and photos of celebrities wearing their merchandise, to quotes and snaps from their own events.

As well as following them, this type of account is perfect for tagging in your posts whenever they represent women together or female empowerment.

They love interaction with the female community, it’s what they’re based on, and so they are likely to engage with you if you tag them, bringing your post to the attention of many other relevant users.

For example, if they like a post you tagged them in, it will come up in all of their followers Explore pages.

Petra Collins

Petra is an artist who focuses on documenting women in her work.

While her posts tend to get tens of thousands of likes, as usual, the comments sections averages below 50.

So a great way to get involved with her followers and audience is to post comments on her photos and try to strike up a conversation.

Education in Feminist

A smaller account, with 5,300 followers, that maintains that ‘Feminism is for everyone’ and aims to educate the population about women’s rights, the prejudice they face, what needs to change and how to make these changes.

After following this account, engage with the posts, share your stories and tag this account as well as the users you encounter in any of your posts relating to women’s rights.

Women’s March

The Women’s March was one of the largest inaugural protests in the history of America, bringing together over six million women and allies around the world.

This account spreads awareness of any new projects, marches, rallies or just reminders of ways to use your rights, like how to register to vote.

The latest project is the #WomensWave, with details to announced during a Facebook Live stream, which is happening in January 2019.

Tagging or adding their branded hashtags to your posts is a great way to get their attention and also appear on hashtag searches.

Remember to follow them first to see what they’re up to, and then plan your posts accordingly.

Gurls Talk

This Instagram account encourages users to share and listen to stories from other girls about anything they want to talk about – from anxiety or depression, to body positivity. With almost a quarter of a million followers, it’s obvious people encourage this safe space.

Since sharing your stories, worries or concerns is the basis of the account, it makes it pretty easy to interact with this account.

Follow them to stay on top of what’s new, and then share your own stories with them. Feel free to tag any of users you’ve engaged with to boost interaction.

Remember that if you’re a woman, your account may link into some form of feminism, so these accounts are worth a look for at least half of Instagram users.

Remember to follow the accounts, but also share their posts, comment on their posts, tag their username and use their hashtags, all of this will help boost your visibility and get more followers on Instagram.