Essential oils are a hot topic at the moment, a trend sweeping the world.

As it comes to light the lack of regulation in some beauty, cleaning and medical products, more and more people are researching and interested in using essential oils as their first port of call.

People are using them as a replacement for cleaning products, beauty products, shampoo, toothpaste, air fresheners and for illness too.

Many people use their Instagram account to sell them, as the companies often offer ‘pyramid’ or MLM business schemes where you earn money if your friends buy oils too.

If you have an essential oils account on Instagram, it’s a good idea to follow similar accounts.

This will not only give you tips on how other people are selling their oils, but open up a whole host of users interested in essential oils that you can interact with.

Here are some of the best essential oils accounts to follow on Instagram.

The Oil Collective

Over 35,600 followers follow this account to find out more about essential oils and how to use them.

She gives out recipes on how to use the oils, for example in bottles, sugar scrubs and sprays; as well as tips on how to store your oils and information about all of the different oils available.

Lesley Graham

Lesley uses her account to educate followers about essential oils, as well as promote when she is selling her own homemade goods (using essential oils of course) at little pop-ups and markets.

She talks about products using essential oils, like Young Living Rose Ointment, and what they are used for and the benefits of it.

She has almost 2,500 followers, and so is a perfect account to follow and interact with posts as you’re not likely to get lost in a sea of comments.

Young Living Essential Oils

The official Instagram account of one of the leading brands of pure essential oils.

It boasts 622,000 followers and offers tips, tricks and information about their extensive selection of essential oils.

The posts are very bright, white and clean looking, going along with the brand’s clean living motto.

They encourage engagement by asking followers about the oils, how they use them etc.

It’s a good place to meet like-minded users to build relationships with them.

They also regram other users’ posts often, so be sure to tag them.

Brittany Androlewicz

This mother of two and nurse uses her Instagram account to sell doTERRA essential oils, the other leading brand in the industry.

She promotes a clean and healthy family lifestyle and shows how to achieve this using essential oils in your home.

You’ll find her posts filled with ideas for how to use the oils, remedies for things like cradle cap, respiratory support, coughs, depression and sleep, among many others.

This is a great way to promote oils because many people won’t know what to do with them, and Brittany informs people in a very simple way.

This account can also be used to connect with other oil-lovers in the comments section to try and gain followers on Instagram.

Lucy Libido

Lucy uses her Instagram account to empower women, and educate and sell essential oils.

She goes one step further and sells her own roller bottles, pumps, spray bottles etc for you to make your own blends.

Usually these accounts will suggest recipes, and you’ll have to go to Amazon to order everything you need.

She also hosts her own ‘Glam Rallies’ where she offers essential oils presentations live on stage.

Following these accounts similar to your own essential oils account will inspire you with new ideas for your account, as well as help you get more followers.

Often the best way to gain followers on Instagram is to comment on other users’ posts, if they are within your niche the users are likely to also be interested in your content.

This also ensures that you are attracting the right kind of followers, the ones that stick around for a long time because they are actually interested in your account.