It might not be the most productive use of anyone’s time or of the internet technology, but there is no denying it, a large number of people spend a large amount of time watching videos of cute animals.

If you have a super cute dog and you’re planning on jumping onto this bandwagon, here are some of the best Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration to get more followers.

It’s Doug The Pug

This adorable pug has 3.7 million followers on Instagram and uses his account to hawk his products.

Who says a dog can’t earn a living?

He’s mainly famous for his parodies of music videos and shows, and posts snaps of himself with the likes of Katy Perry and Justin Bieber.

While this pup might not be quite in your league yet, he’s worth following if only to engage with some of his dog loving followers.

Norbert The Dog

This three-pound pup is also a therapy dog and volunteers at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

Norbert’s extra long floppy tongue is his trademark, and he shows how if you combine something cute (a dog) with something worthwhile (making sick kids smile), it’s a recipe for success.

Tuna Melts My Heart

Demonstrating the need to have a little something that makes you stand out, Tuna might not have an elongated tongue or volunteer at a children’s hospital, but she does is a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund and has an overbite so…

Her 1.9 million followers love to see her dressing up in adorable outfits, such as a reindeer, Santa and an elf at Christmas.

Why choose one when you can have them all?

Aspen the Mountain Pup

Aspen is a golden retriever from Colorado and her unique selling point is that she’s always on an adventure.

Her beautiful portraits often feature her covered in fresh snow or just fallen leaves.

Aspen has paid partnerships with brands like Orijen Pet Food, demonstrating one way to monetize your cute animal Instagram account.

Another paid partnership this account has is with New Belgium Brewing.

This is not as obvious as pet food would be for a dog account.

However, so many of the photos involve enjoying the outdoors and enjoying life, it makes sense to have a beer partnership when you look at it from that point of view.

This is a reason to follow accounts similar to yours, to discover all of the different partnership options open to you that you hadn’t thought of before.

King Kingsley

This Australian Dachshund likes to live like he is royalty and refers to himself as the ‘King of Dachshunds’.

HIs daily offerings include himself lounging in bed in his PJs, swimming in a pool dressed like a shark, walking kangaroos hop outside his house and getting dolled up for special events.

This account has the ‘Australian’ element a lot of other cute dog accounts don’t have.

Australians may not find it that incredible to see a kangaroo in the wild, but to the rest of the world, they’d be lucky to even encounter that sort of thing at the zoo! Have a think about what you could add to your account to make it stand out from the crowd and entice more followers to you.

These five accounts are definitely worth adding to your ‘following’ list because they’ll help you see what it takes to have a successful Instagram account in this niche.

It’ll also help you realize the ways to make money using your Instagram platform, and help you engage with like-minded users.