A good tactic to follow when trying to get more followers on Instagram is to not only pick a niche, but to then refine that niche.

For example, if you have chosen to focus on travel, don’t just vaguely post about all types of travel everywhere.

Refine your niche to either a type of travel, such as luxury or budget, beaches or adventure; or pick a country or region of the world to spotlight.

From here, following accounts similar to your own in another way to boost your number of followers.

This is because people who follow these accounts are likely to be interested in yours because of the similarities in content.

Here are a few of the top accounts to follow within the Central American Travel niche:


Focusing on Guatemala, this feed selects the best photos from users who tag #quepeladoguate.

This makes it an excellent account to follow because if your work is good enough, your post could be featured and exposed to its 181,000 followers.

If your posts aren’t chosen, it could be telling you that you need to change something in order to make them more appealing.

Either way, you have something to gain.

It features everything from the food on offer, to all of the places in Guatemala people have visited, giving inspiration for those planning a trip.

If you’ve seen real people visiting somewhere, you know it’s got to be good and you don’t risk showing up somewhere and being disappointed.


Featuring all of the color and vibrancy that is Mexico, 177,000 followers are enjoying the 5,000-plus photos from this account.

He offers contact information on his Instagram account for potential shout outs or to be featured on his feed, using the hashtag #Mexico_Maravilloso and also cites his co-contributors as @memv @turulo and @clickdemexico, all of who would be worth tagging in the post you would like to be featured.


Jorge Chanis B’s account is a prime example of how to combine two topics to produce one niche.

He takes his love of food and Panama and produces a wonderful Instagram feed showcasing the country’s rich cultural and ecological diversity through food.

Whether he’s sampling coffee from the mountainous plantations or making his 24,000 followers envious of his tacos or chorizo and cheeseburgers, he demonstrates a well-rounded experience of Panama’s culinary delights.

He also has a YouTube channel with the same focus, and he hosts high-class foodie events in real life in Panama for travel influencers and culinary specialists.


This account mainly features landscapes, beach scenery and local wildlife in its posts.

It gives inspiration for places to visit in Costa Rica and also an appreciation for the natural side of this Central American country.

Most posts are taken by Diego Eskenazi, but they do feature other photographers from time to time.

So, if you have a beautiful photo of Costa Rica you think it worth sharing, it’s definitely worth tagging this account in case they want to share it with their 36,6000 followers.


The official account for the tourist board of El Salvador, it primarily focuses on the beach, hiking and adventure opportunities and local food offerings.

The account uses user-generated content a lot of the time, so using the hashtag #ElSalvadorTravel could get your photo shared with the 73,600 followers of this account.


Run by a photographer based from LA and Nicaragua, it features everything from natural wonders like volcanoes, caves, and beaches to the local cuisines and local people.

It not only gives travel inspiration and plenty of talking points but an insight into the local lifestyle.

It encourages the use of the #DiscoverNicaragua hashtag, and you’ll get full credit if you get featured, not to mention an audience of over 61,800 Instagram users.

When selecting accounts to follow try and follow ones that have a similar audience to the people you are trying to target.

This is because you want to attract them from these accounts to follow your own as well.

You can do this by engaging with the posts and other users’ comments, hoping to form a connection strong enough to encourage them to head over to your feed and check it out.