You either love them or hate them.

So if 50% of Instagram users hate cats, you still have half a billion active users to reach out to.

That’s probably enough.

If you have a super cute cat and want to capitalize on this – because your cat is your life – try following some of these similar accounts to help you get more followers and turn your cat into way to make a living.

Tard The Grumpy Cat

While he may not be cute, he is absolutely hilarious, and that is what brings followers in and keeps there here.

This account shows how much success you can have when you simply put the right caption on the photo.

Coby The Cat

This cat wears reading glasses.

Enough said.

Okay, a little more.

He also owns sunglasses and a cat-sized Uncle Sam hat.

The combination of crystal blue eyes and snow white fur makes it hard to stop scrolling through all the pics.

Pumpkin The Purr Machine

Declaring herself as the first pet golden British Shorthair in Australia, and she looks like she’s wearing eyeliner.

Her daily offerings comprise blending in with loaves of bread, posing wistfully and playing with spoons.

Merlin The Mad Ragdoll

This account demonstrates spectacularly that cats really were meant to rule the world.

This cat has the grumpiest, meanest and best don’t mess with me cat face around.

It shows what a following you can get with pictures of a grumpy cat’s face, if you only include the right caption coupled with a hilarious hashtag.

Merlin also uses his dark sense of humor to promote products, such as cat food treats, or pillows with his face on them.

Suki Cat

Over a million Instagram users follow this beautiful cat’s adventures.

Unlike accounts such as Merlin’s, Suki couples her beautiful face with a beautiful setting, they aren’t all just portrait close ups.

In 2018, her million-plus followers saw Suki visit 12 countries across two continents.

Suki opts for brand endorsements through competitions such as a Sony a7II camera and lens giveaway.

It was a well thought out contest because, in order to enter, you had to buy something from Suki’s online shop or alternatively like, comment and tag two friends on the contest post.

Smoothie The Cat

Describing herself as the Queen of Fluff, this regal cat has a following of 1.7 million Instagram users.

Smoothie endorses cat snacks such as cat supply company, PeeWee.

She also has a brother called Milkshake, and their sibling love (and rivalry) is often shared on the feed.

The duo has had features in publications like US Weekly and The Huffington Post.

Following these cat accounts will give you ideas of the direction to take your account, what types of posts are successful and how to monetize your Instagram account.

It also gives you the opportunity to start engaging with other users within the community you are targeting with your account, which is one of the most effective ways of getting new followers.