Beach travel Instagram accounts aren’t just popular over summer, some people use them as a way to plow through the winter, reminding them that there is an end in sight and that they won’t be cold forever.

Finding this type of audience is best done by following a few of the best beach travel accounts and attempting to interact with their audiences and convince them to follow you as well.

Beaches N Resorts

This is a perfect account to follow in terms of getting new followers because it’s actually made up entirely of user-generated content.

If you want your own beach photo posted on their account, tag your best work with #beachesnresorts and if they feature you, you will be seen by their 2.6 million followers.

That’s sure to bring in a new follower or three hundred!

Brooklynn Hawaii

Hawaiian-based creative, Brooklynn, showcases stunning photos of beach and ocean scenes in Hawaii, inspiring her 309,000 followers to get to the beach.

She also has a few posts with collaborations, showing that the beach isn’t just beautiful but it can mean business.

Gone Beachin’

A beach-loving lifestyle brand that combines its love for the beach with charity.

You’ll find the feed filled with snaps of different beaches, with its apparel for men, women, and children featured in some posts.

10% of the proceeds go to different beach communities in need.

Gone Beachin’ demonstrates once again how you can transform your love of something like the beach into an actual business.

It’s also a great place to network with like-minded users, and don’t forget to use their branded hashtag #gonebeachin for a chance to be featured on their feed.

Discover Beaches

A very blue account, dedicated to the ocean more than the sand aspect of a beach.

They feature photos from a number of photographers, so if you happen to snap an absolutely stunning and very blue ocean, definitely tag them and see if you can catch their eye.

This is a great way to get noticed and try and attract new followers.

If they were to feature your photo, for instance, you’d suddenly be extending your reach to their 32,400 followers.

Pete Halvorsen

Pete is a travel photographer who lives on Manhattan Beach, so his photos are a mix of where his work takes him and the beach when he is at home.

If you’re aiming to attract users predominantly interested in beach travel, target your comments and interactions on his beach photos and hopefully you will be able to make some relevant connections and attract new followers.

There are so many niches, niches within niches and combinations of niches on Instagram that is can be daunting trying to figure out which accounts are the best to follow and reach out to.

One tip is to make sure the tone of the account matches your own, if you have a mellow yoga and beach Instagram account, don’t try and connect with people who run a burgers and beer at the beach type of account for example.

They are probably not quite the audience you are aiming for and your time might be better spent engaging with other types of accounts.

For example, it might be better to engage beach loving surfers, clean eating or mindfulness accounts.

Hopefully the five accounts listed here will help you on your way to growing your number of followers within your niche on Instagram.