There are many sub-categories within the ‘travel’ niche and backpacker travel is a huge market.

It’s definitely a very particular type of person who is attracted to this form of travel, but that makes it even easier to pinpoint your target audience within this niche.

Following other backpacker’s travel accounts, or nomad lifestyle accounts will help tremendously when trying to grow your own followers.

It helps get you noticed by relevant users and also provides opportunities for interactions with their posts and with other users.

Here are five of the best accounts to follow:

Expert Vagabond

The freelance photographer, Matt Karsten, is behind this wonderful account.

He quit his job and traveled the world for seven years; his feed features pictures from the 50-plus countries he’s visited as well as his detailing his travels now.

They feature adventurous hikes, extreme sports, landmarks, beautiful landscapes and everything in between (like reindeer selfies).

The Road Les Traveled

Describing herself as a travel blogger and yoga teacher, this former reality TV star travels the globe full-time but shows you can still do it with a fashionable flair.

Expect trendy treehouse accommodation and tropical paradise mixed in with hikes to Indonesian waterfalls and Puerto Rican landscapes.

Some of her posts are sponsored too, by companies like Back Country Norway; if you follow this account it might give you ideas for the kinds of partnerships you could pursue.

Girl Gone Abroad

This account combines backpacker-style travel with feminism – it’s all about solo female travel.

Her travels take her everywhere but traveling solo through Peru is one of her favorite memories, when she embarked on a challenging high-altitude hike.

Not many solo travelers, let alone female travelers backpacking on their own would be brave enough for this, but the views of Rainbow Mountain were rewarding enough for her.

Heart My Backpack

Another solo female traveler, Silvia Lawrence backpacked through 80 countries before choosing to settle down in Norway (which is now the focus of many of her Instagram posts).

Her 52,000 followers agree that her photos are stunning, and they stick around looking for more.

These are exactly the type of followers you want on Instagram, those who stick around and interact with your posts.

Earth Expedition

Owen is the voice behind this account, and his account is brimming with mountains and hiking, showing his love of adventure and nature.

He cites his favorite memory as climbing the glacier above Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal while hearing the avalanches in the local area.

He is a great account to follow if you want to connect with the overly adventurous backpacker types.

These accounts should help you grow your own Instagram account if you follow them, and engage with the content and users it provides.

Commenting on their posts and interacting with their followers allows for the opportunity for people to click on your username, be taken over to your profile, be blown away and click that all important ‘Follow’ button.