While travel Instagram accounts are popular, a good way of getting more followers is to narrow down your niche slightly.

If you focus on a certain area of the world you might actually be able to get more followers.

It might seem like you’re narrowing down your audience but in fact, more people may be interested because it’s more specific to their interest, rather than having 75% of the posts being of no interest to them.

It’s also beneficial to follow accounts similar to your own because this will make you known within the target audience you are trying to attract.

If you like other accounts, they will most likely follow you back.

Once you engage with their posts you are also bringing your account to the attention of everyone following the post.

This extends your reach astronomically.

Some of the best accounts to follow within the niche of Australian travel are:

Elise Cook

Elise and her husband travel around Australia in their van and post some beautiful photos of their adventures.

The photos are very glamorous considering they live in a van, showing camping doesn’t have to be the grubby unwashed affair some might think.

They make money through clothing partnerships and also have their own brand of wine, constantly featured in their posts.

They are a good one to follow because they also dole out inspiration on how to run an account and make it your living.

They provide ideas on where to visit in Australia, and use stunning photos, as well as plugging products in a natural way.

Ten Itchy Feet

This account focuses on both Australia and New Zealand, and is run by a family of five who’ve been traveling together for three years sharing their experiences and giving travel tips and inspiration.

They have shy of 5,000 followers, which means any engagement is likely to get noticed, so it’s a great idea to like and comment on these posts.

They often reply to comments themselves, so you’ll definitely benefit from adding something meaningful.

Matt Glastonbury

A professional photographer, who focuses mainly on Tasmania on his Instagram account.

The majority of his posts are landscapes and places in nature, rather than people or day to day activities.

He works with brands like Google and Canon and has partnerships with Sony, whereby he gives shout-outs to them when he’s using their equipment for his photos.


The official tourism account for Australia, which encourages the use of @Australia or #SeeAustralia #RestaurantAustralia for consideration of featuring your photos of Australia.

The 3.3 million followers they have would certainly give you a big bump in followers if they did feature you.

It leverages user-generated content to showcase some of the best spots to visit in Australia, a lot of them you perhaps wouldn’t have thought to visit before.

Such as Lake Hillier in WA or Litchfield National Park.

Aubrey Daquinag

This blogger works for Conde Nast Traveler, so as you can imagine, her photos and captions are totally on pointe.

She confides her secret spots around Sydney, as well as other parts of Australia when she visits.

She also shares photo tips on her Instagram, linked back to her blog for more detail.

Her brand partnerships include HP Australia, fitting in perfectly with her account, giving her a way to share how she prints and stores her photos.

Other partnerships include Lumix AU, Lolography, Monkey Island Estate, and YTL Hotels.

Following accounts similar to your own will not only get more followers for your account, but it can also help inspire you with new ways to improve your posts, which will also get more followers on Instagram.

Break into your target community on Instagram by engaging with posts and connecting with other users, and you’ll collect a following of loyal fans.