One of the best ways to pave a path for yourself on Instagram is to start following accounts similar to your own.

This not only immediately brings your account to their attention, but you can then engage with their posts and followers in an attempt to tap into their followers since they are also your target audience.

Here are some of the best Instagram accounts to follow in the Asian travel niche:


An account on the smaller side, with a little over 1,500, but offers great photos and information.

Matthew Chantler, the man behind the account, shares his exploration of South East Asian countries like Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

His feed is filled with hidden trails in the mountains of Hanoi, small towns in Laos and insights into the hill tribe women of Sapa.

He draws his inspiration from watching the way in which different cultures interact with each other and their environment.

Since his is a smaller account in terms of the number of followers, it’s definitely worthwhile following and engaging with his posts.

This could lead to the formation of new relationships and new followers for your account.


This is an interesting account because it focuses on just one Asian country, Singapore, and has a slightly different spin to most ‘travel’ accounts.

Darren is an architectural landscape photographer and uses his talent and Instagram account to showcase the ever-changing landscape and architecture of Singapore.

He shows the world how the little island is always evolving in its race to be the best and most futuristic city.

He contrasts the old buildings with the new, and also includes the buildings being built and under construction to give a true sense of Singapore and what it’s like to be here.

It also highlights all of the new places to visit when you’re traveling and gives insights into what’s going on around the red dot.

He has almost 11,000 followers eager to learn more about the history and future of Singapore.

Although his photos get quite a few likes, there aren’t usually too many comments.

Adding in some meaningful comments to a post that speaks to you can help you get new followers because by engaging with the post you might boost your content visibility and spark the interest of some of his followers.


This account meshes the ordinary daily life of the people of Asia, like Filipino fisherman carrying alms for the monks early morning ceremony, with the extraordinary aspects of Asia, like the sunrise over Angkor Wat.

It gives insight into the people and culture of each country, city, town or village, but also lets people see the things that make a country famous, like the golden waters of Mandalay or killing fields of Phnom Penh.

With all photos taken by the account holder, it’s unlikely they will share any of your photos, however, it’s still worth following because you can engage with their photos and strike up relationships with Golden_Salt’s followers in a bid to attract them to your own, similar, account.

I Am Aileen

Describing herself as having a ‘third world passport’, Aileen shows that you don’t have to have money to travel.

She is from the Philippines, where she still resides, and has visited over 50 countries across seven continents.

She updates her YouTube channel with her traveling adventures every Saturday.

Over 51,000 followers tune in to see where Aileen has been, with her account predominantly focused on Asia.

She visits and posts about all types of places, places of natural beauty like the beaches of the Maldives or the mountains of Sri Lanka, to shopping malls and tourist attractions like Universal Studios in Tokyo.

She also runs the account AileenAdalid for additional behind the scenes and more personal photos.

When following these types of accounts, in order to get the most out of them, you should be interacting with them and tagging them in any posts you are really proud of.

To get the most out of following accounts similar to your own, you want to be building relationships with their followers as well as hoping for a repost or shoutout from them.