Finding niches within niches is often a productive way to give your Instagram account more direction.

There are many accounts which would define their niche at ‘travel’, but this is a hugely vast topic area to have.

Finding an area within travel to give your account more of a focus can help you attract a more targeted audience of followers, and these are the followers that are more likely to stick around.

If you choose to focus on travel within Africa, it’s worth following accounts similar to your own because this will not only help you get more followers on Instagram but also it might give you some inspiration for how to continue to successfully grow your own account.

Here are five of the best accounts we think are worth following.

Dewald Brand

Filmmaker Dewalk Brand, who works out of Cape Town, gives a whimsical and at times, majestic, view of South Africa.

He partners with huge brands and equally famous celebrities, like Tag Heuer and Cara Delevingne, but also makes sure to include shots of wild lions in his feed too (which happen to be part of the same campaign).

His feed is a beautiful one to scroll because he’s included photos in pieces, so when viewed all at once look like a jumbo photo.

When viewed individually, you can marvel at the detail within each.

This may seem like an account too big to be worth following, but actually, it only has 1,500 followers and so every like and comment you place on this account is sure to be noticed by the photographer and his followers.

This makes it a top account to follow because it’s likely to help you get more followers if you engage with the content.

Steven Chikosi

Describing himself as an African storyteller, Steven uses his account to post photos to his 82,000 plus followers, each telling a piece of his African story.

Based out of Zimbabwe, he captures the varied life he experiences there, including city life on the streets, and natural life in the bush and wildlife reserves.

Everyday Africa

Managed by 19 photographers who are living and working in Africa, they aim to post the everyday aspects of life in Africa rather than the huge media-worthy stories and crisis.

They upload content showing the optimism within the continent, the happy faces and the color of Africa rather than the poverty, war, and instability.

Everyday Africa has over 391,000 followers and counting, but often the comments section can dwindle.

Set up an alert for when they post something new, and be among the first to comment and it’ll probably get you some new followers.

If you are engaging with their content, and then tag them in some of your best photos of Africa, they might even feature you or give you a shout out.

Visiter l’Afrique

Founded in 2014 by a journalist from Cameroon, this Instagram account features posts by a large number of travelers who share their experiences of various destinations throughout Africa.

Again, the original mission was to represent the flip side to Africa, not the poverty, famine and war, but the buzzing cities, stunning landscapes, and friendly people.

It’s a great account to check out when looking for an African holiday destination, and also a good one to tag in your own photos because if you use their branded hashtag, they might feature you on their page.

The hashtag is #visiterlafrique and if they do choose to share your post, you’ll reach their 162,000 followers.


Mutua Matheka is the man behind this Kenya-based account.

He features mainly the landscapes and city buildings of Nairobi with a passion that is quite unique.

He also features local residents in a bid to depict the capital city’s different moods and energies.

He has taken part in campaigns such as I’m a City Changer, run by UN Habitat, which focuses on raising awareness of positive urban change through citizens voicing their issues.

These are five really great accounts to follow if you have an Instagram account focused on Africa, culture or travel.

They’ll give you ideas about the ways in which to focus your account, the types of posts that are well-received and highly engaging, and also encourage more traffic to your account with the engagement from your own account to these accounts.