Creating quality content is important if your goal is to get more likes and followers on Instagram.

Even in Stories where posts are deemed a lower and more casual quality than regular Instagram posts.

There are some great editing tools and apps coming out for creating Instagram Stories, and it’s wise to utilize at least one in order to impress and engage your followers.

Stories are a little different from regular Instagram posts in a few ways: they are all vertical, usually include some kind of sticker or annotation, and are less about high-quality photography and more about having fun and living in the moment.

For these reasons, the tools for creating Stories posts don’t focus on perfect lighting or filters but on anything quirky, interesting or funny.

Editing tools good for Stories focus on vertical templates and include backgrounds, frames, stickers, text and cool or unusual effects.

1. InShot

InShot allows you to add a block color background or another image as a background, a tool perfect for Stories but one probably not utilized in normal posts.

Stories posts allow you more creativity and the option to be just a bit silly.

The app allows you to resize your content to the 9:16 Stories layout and combine images and videos.

Videos can be sped up or slowed down to the desired speed.

2. Photo Editor by Aviary

Once you’ve shot the footage you’re using for your Story, choose from one of 1,000 photo effects stickers and frames to add that fun factor.

You can enhance a photo and add in text or doodles.

3. Unfold

The polaroid frames are the primary reason users choose this app.

Polaroid frames are a fun way to bring a nostalgic vibe to your photos – add in a doodle and funny caption and you’ve got yourself a winning post.

This tool also lets you overlap pictures and combine videos with images together, ideal for a Stories post.

4. Over

If you’re big on adding text to your posts on Stories (and if not, you should be!), Over has a great selection of fonts.

An example of how all these editing tools can work together is adding in a frame from Unfold, importing to InShot to add a background and then use Over to add in one of the lovely fonts you can choose from.

Lettering could be used to add in hashtags to boost visibility, or to add a funny caption to boost engagement.

5. Slideshow

Another wonderful element to Stories is that it’s perfectly acceptable to post a series of photos and/or videos.

Slideshow edits multiple images together so it looks well put together and doesn’t have that slapdash appearance of just uploading multiple images to Stories.

6. Theme Maker

This app is ideal for Live Photos as you can fully utilize their potential by creating GIFs or transform them into videos.

To make the video long enough to upload to Stories, check out a video lengthening app like Loopvid, which extends the runtime by looping the video like a Boomerang.

7. Plotaverse

This editing app is sure to get your posts more likes faster than you can keep up with.

Allowing you to be really creative (and it does take practice to get the effect just right), this tool lets you animate parts of your photo.

For example, a shot of you pouring your morning coffee could be brought to life by the stream of coffee moving; or a shot of the beach could see everyone and everything frozen aside from the foam of the waves.

The novelty of this effect will easily get you more likes on Instagram.

8. Lumyer

Fun is a major component of any Stories post, and Lumyer can help you add a splash of entertainment.

Play around with this one and see what strikes your fancy that day – add steam from your tea, birds, butterflies, sparkle and even rain or snow.

9. Bazaart

This app lets you combine multiple images into one photo, or blend backgrounds seamlessly into a photo.

If you’re feeling especially creative you could slice a photo of your head in half with words and pictures of all your thoughts tumbling out.

10. Adobe Voice

If you’ve filmed a how-to demonstration or you’re showcasing a new product and want to add a voiceover, Adobe Voice is for you.

It enables you to combine images, videos, and text with your voice over the top. You can even create animated clips to use instead of real-life footage if that’s your preference.

11. PicFlow

Another slideshow creation tool, but this app is designed specifically with 15-second Stories videos in mind.

Very user-friendly, you simply select images, choose music and set the timing for each photo and you’re good to go with an easy, yet professional Stories post.

12. Canva

This app features many different Stories templates you can easily customize.

Set to the perfect dimensions for Stories, you can focus on high-quality designs instead of getting correct ratios.

Once you’ve selected the template you want to use, add in your images and change the text and backgrounds.

13. StoriesAds

Designed specifically for users wanting to create vertical video ads for Instagram Stories, it boasts several templates so you’re not spending precious time creating ads from scratch.

It also offers prompts and suggestions for edits and customization options.

As you can see there are a number of brilliant editing tools for creating fantastic Instagram Stories.

Often the best method is to use at least a couple of apps together to make high-quality content.

Once you’re creating fun and relevant content consistently on Stories, you’re likely to see an increase in user engagement as your followers come to look forward to your beautifully edited content.