The best way to get more followers on Instagram is to try and maximize the amount of engagement on your posts.

This makes your posts and profile a lot more visible on Instagram, bringing it to the attention of more users and potential followers.

Below you’ll find detailed ways to get more followers on Instagram – a quick guide.


If your posts are random and don’t have any connection to one another, people won’t be as interested in them.

When there is a story being told, people become a lot more invested in you, your history and what you have left to say.

If people are enjoying your content, and thinking about it after they log-off, they are more likely to talk about it and share it with friends and family, aka potential new followers.

You can tell a story with your photos of course but captions can really help satiate your audience.

Either use an interesting or witty caption or add in a larger chunk of text giving the story behind the photo and allowing your audience to feel even more connected to you and your story.

Join the Conversation

Check out what everyone else is talking about and get involved. Yes, just using the most popular hashtags on Instagram on their own is generally pointless, but getting involved with what they are talking about is something different entirely.

Chances are that if the world is talking about something, your followers are too. Find a way to incorporate anything trending into your usual posts to try and boost interaction.

Interact with Influencers

Anyone who is using their Instagram to influence your target audience are people you want to be interacting with.

Identify these users and turn on post notifications so you’ll be alerted when they post new content.

When you receive a notification, you can interact with them and build a relationship with them, which can result in them tagging you, or mentioning you or sharing your content, all of which will help you get more followers.