Having likes on Instagram is obviously essential if you’re using it for business. The main reasons why likes for Instagram are important is that profiles containing pictures with a high number of likes generally get more traffic, make more sales, get more followers and it can create more partnership opportunities.

1. Enhance Online Presence

Having posts with a high number of likes boosts your visibility on Instagram.

The algorithm used by Instagram means posts receiving high engagement are bumped up on users’ feeds.

Basically, the more likes your posts receive, the more people will see your post. This goes the same for users who aren’t yet following you, because more likes mean your posts will be shown higher in any hashtag or location searches people are doing.

Having a very high number of likes can help you be featured on Instagram’s Suggested Users and Search and Explore pages.

This is wonderful marketing tools as they help expose your posts to more people, providing you with potential followers and potential business leads/clients.

2. Increase Web Traffic

Going hand in hand with the above point, more likes leads to higher visibility and so you’ll be giving more people the opportunity to click through to your website. More people seeing your posts means more potential leads. Be sure to maximize this opportunity by continuing to post interesting and relevant content, and engage with your followers to keep them hooked, and above all clearly direct them to your website.

3. Audience Insight

Instagram Insights is a great tool for discovering who your audience is. Obviously, you can only gain insight if you have an audience. The more likes you have on your posts, the more data you can be collecting about your target audience.

You can then use this to create, improve or change your marketing strategy, amend your overall account message or even use it to create or tweak your overall brand.

4. Affirmation

Likes give us social proof, that is to say, confirmation your photos are good and that your strategy is working. Users also make assumptions about a profile or brand if its posts have a small number of likes, and these aren’t positive assumptions.

On the flip side, if you’re not getting many likes on Instagram, you will know something needs to change and can try out different things until you see a shift in interest in your posts.

5. Brand Partnerships

If your posts are getting lots of likes, this puts you in a more favorable position to strike up collaborations. When brands are looking to form partnerships, with Influencers or another business, they place more importance on engagement (likes and comments) than the number of followers.

Likes on Instagram also put you in a better position if you’re a brand wanting to approach an Influencer. Your Instagram popularity will need to be on equal footing with theirs or they won’t be interested. The higher the number of likes you get, the better the Influencer you can get, and the more visibility your brand will receive.

To be successful using Instagram for business, likes are very important. They help drive traffic to your website, offer more opportunities for business leads and are vital for Influencers wanting to make brand partnership deals.

6. Organic Instagram Followers

Engagement, helps boost your exposure, which is only going to help you attract more organic Instagram followers. The reason why organic growth is far more powerful than bots, is because growing a genuine following helps you grow a sustainable fan base.