With a new year upon us, marketers everywhere are wondering what the latest trends their business can use to get ahead of the competition.

Granted, while every business under the sun is on Instagram, not everyone knows how to utilize the platform so their business can thrive.

However, that’s why we’re bringing you 10 trends we see that could be useful for your company to know.

Check them out below:

The Rise Of The Influencer

As Instagram birthed the rise of the influencer, it’s no wonder that this has become one of the most prominent mediums out there for brands to cash in.

Influencers have some of the strongest voices amongst their communities, especially with the youth, because as noted by the Digital Marketing Institute, 70 percent of teens trust influencers now more than celebrities, which says a lot in just how much we’ve grown from simply celebrity endorsements on social being enough versus where influencers fit in.

Although some predict that influencer marketing will eventually slow in favor of the next big trend, for now, brands are cashing in as 2019 projects to be a great year for influencers to thrive.

Businesses Serving As Tastemakers

Along with the rise of the influencer, the similar role of tastemaker has also seen a significant bump and poised to become a pretty powerful position to be in for brands in 2019.

Similar to influencers in the sense that tastemakers offer guidance in terms of what’s hip or trending, influencers are generally individual people while tastemakers can be organizations like retailers or publications.

This is especially prevalent on Instagram because as noted by Sprout Social, approximately 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one business; which, that number is anticipated to grow within the coming year.

The secret for your business to be a part? A smart practice to look into would be campaign building.

Posting Often

While it’s easy to think of it as overkill, posting more often is actually one of the easiest ways to develop an audience and brand on Instagram.

In fact, according to Inc, brand consistency gives you a 23 percent boost in revenue, which is especially true for your audience development on Instagram.

Get planning out some more stories to include with your feed, as this is one of the best strategies for garnering more of a base in 2019.

A Youth Rising

While social media has by-and-large been something that everyone and their mother is now on, platforms like Instagram are still for the youth.

As noted by Pew Research, 71 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds are currently on the platform, absolutely dominating the overall demographic makeup of the community.

Try to keep an eye on this growing trend if you’re really trying to boost your audience.

Keeping Their Attention

Considering that the young people have become the dominating audience for Instagram, it’s also important to note how much time they spend on the platform; which as noted by Hootsuite, averages around 32 minutes per day.

That’s a pretty significant chunk of time (a little over a TV show), which is why you need to make it a focus to capture at least a minute or two of those averages to really gain solid engagement.

It’s All About The Story

One of the most significant components of Instagram has to be the Stories feature, which is the foundation of our daily posts.

Not only is it prominent in developing content for individuals, but for influencers as well, because as noted by Omnicore Agency, 55.4 percent of influencers use Instagram Stories for sponsored campaigns.

The popularity of these isn’t slowing down any time soon, which is why you should be mindful of creating more on a day-to-day basis to really thrive.

Gaining Engagement

As the name of the game for social media has always been engagement, that still remains unchanged in 2019.

As noted by Ad Espresso, the average brand sees an engagement rate of around 4 percent of their total followers, significantly higher than any other platform.

Use these metrics this year to gauge the success of your campaigns in the year to come, as engagement is what’s made Instagram one of the most prominent platforms out.

Consistency In Color

An underrated feature of Instagram marketing, brand color consistency is imperative for a company’s success.

This is an incredibly common practice because as noted by WordStream, 60 percent of businesses on Instagram use the same filter for every post, showing that keeping your aesthetic consistent is crucial.

We’ll note that if you haven’t compiled a style guide yet, it might be a wise choice to put that in place, ensuring your look stays the same long-term.

A Booming Audience

As a whole, Instagram is going at a massive rate.

According to Brandwatch, the platform’s audience has nearly doubled over the past two years, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Yes, as more generations start gravitating towards the platform in the near future, expect those numbers to grow even further.

Daily Visits

Finally, out of Instagram’s massive audience also comes with a high number of individuals checking their feed every day.

As noted by Oberlo, more than 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile per day, showcasing that the platform can be great for both advertising your business as much as engaging with fans.

And with the relationship between consumers and brands becoming much more intertwined on Instagram, expect this to become even more prevalent of a trend in 2019.

What are some trends you look forward to seeing on Instagram in 2019? Comment with your insights below!