Instagram Video Downloader Apps

Aaron April 13, 2019
Instagram Videos are still a great way to engage with your Instagram followers and there really are some great videos out there on Instagram that get a lot of engagement. Which are the best Instagram video downloaders app out here? Instagram Video Downloaders Before we dive in and look at the alternative Instagram video downloaders, […] Read more

How to Center Instagram Bio

Laura March 27, 2019
Instagram is the darling of social media savvy individuals, and the reasons are justifiable. The platform has grown over the years to become a contender to Facebook and Twitter. The unique pitch makes it the favorite of business-inclined individuals who want to use the social media network to extend the frontiers of their enterprise. Nowadays, […] Read more

Top Five Instagram Hacks: Make Your Account Uniform

Harry March 22, 2019
Consistency is key when it comes to Instagram success. It can be tempting to try out a different filter with every post, to be funny in some captions and melancholic in others. You might try to keep the moment alive and post everything instantly, as Instagram was originally intended, instead of set times and days. […] Read more

Top Five Instagram Hacks to Get More Instagram Followers

Paul March 20, 2019
Almost all of the articles you will read about getting more Instagram followers stem from two roots – buying followers or a long drawn out process of engaging with Instagram users and their content and fostering and nurturing these online relationships. While both of these are definitely worth investigating, here are five hacks to getting […] Read more

Top Five Instagram Hacks: Running

Fiona March 17, 2019
Lots of Instagram accounts focus on fitness and running, why you should run, how far you should run, motivation for running etc. We all know exercise is good for mind, body, and soul, but what we really want to know is all the tips and trade secrets to make running more fun or more effective. […] Read more

Five Instagram Hashtag Hacks To Boost Your Account Growth

Harry March 15, 2019
The time has passed to discuss why we should use hashtags, it’s old news. It’s the time to discuss how you can use hashtags in the most effective way possible. Anyone can add in a few hashtags after a caption, or pasted over a photo in Stories, but how can you squeeze in lots without […] Read more

Best Instagram Accounts To Follow: High Fashion

Nic March 12, 2019
High fashion can be a tough one to crack on Instagram, whether you’re a brand, model, blogger or aspiring Influencer. It’s a hard balance to get right – keeping your posts professional, glamorous and high-end, yet managing to retain an element of reliability, which of course is what Instagram is all about. Following accounts similar […] Read more

Top Five Hacks To Make Instagram A Better Place

Laura March 9, 2019
Navigating the world of Instagram can be tricky business. Some accounts have two followers, some two hundred, some two thousand and others two million. What makes them different from one another? Well, luckily Instagram has you covered. Here are five of the best hacks on Instagram, about how to maximise your experience using Instagram. Hack […] Read more

Best Instagram Accounts To Follow: Essential Oils

Erin March 5, 2019
Essential oils are a hot topic at the moment, a trend sweeping the world. As it comes to light the lack of regulation in some beauty, cleaning and medical products, more and more people are researching and interested in using essential oils as their first port of call. People are using them as a replacement […] Read more

Best Instagram Accounts To Follow: Fitness for Moms

Nic March 4, 2019
The average fitness plan or Instagram workout just might not be of any help to a stay at home mom who wants to keep fit. They can’t do sit ups because their kid jumps on them, they can’t do yoga because their kid will trash the house, and they can’t go to the gym because […] Read more

Best Instagram Accounts To Follow: Street Style

Aaron February 27, 2019
If you are interested in starting up a fashion account on Instagram or already have one, running a street style or outfit of the day type account is the easiest way to break into the fashion industry. To get started, it’s a good idea to start following accounts similar to your own. This will help […] Read more

Best Instagram Accounts To Follow: Luxury Hotels

Paul February 24, 2019
There are two types of people, those who stay in luxury hotels and those who want to stay in luxury hotels. Either way, if you run your account right, one that focuses on luxury hotels is likely to be popular with a wide variety of Instagram users. This is a very targeted niche and it’s […] Read more

Best Instagram Accounts To Follow: Fitness for Men

Aaron February 20, 2019
Lots of different types of fitness accounts exist on Instagram, so it’s a smart move to focus your account on a specific element of fitness. If you choose to go down the route of fitness for men, you should definitely be following like-minded accounts in order to try and connect with people who will be […] Read more

Best Instagram Accounts To Follow: Cats

Aaron February 8, 2019
Cats. You either love them or hate them. So if 50% of Instagram users hate cats, you still have half a billion active users to reach out to. That’s probably enough. If you have a super cute cat and want to capitalize on this – because your cat is your life – try following some […] Read more

Best Instagram Accounts To Follow: Dogs

Nic February 6, 2019
It might not be the most productive use of anyone’s time or of the internet technology, but there is no denying it, a large number of people spend a large amount of time watching videos of cute animals. If you have a super cute dog and you’re planning on jumping onto this bandwagon, here are […] Read more

Best Instagram Accounts To Follow: Asian Travel

Nic February 4, 2019
One of the best ways to pave a path for yourself on Instagram is to start following accounts similar to your own. This not only immediately brings your account to their attention, but you can then engage with their posts and followers in an attempt to tap into their followers since they are also your […] Read more

Top Instagram Hacks: Beauty

Aaron February 2, 2019
When people think of social media, they think of selfies, and faces on Instagram tend to get more likes than photos without faces in them. Think how successful you could be if your Instagram niche focuses on beautiful faces? We’ve rounded up the best beauty hacks on Instagram to give you a head start. Face […] Read more

How Often Should You Post To Instagram?

Aaron January 31, 2019
When starting out, or choosing to grow your followers, one of the biggest questions a fledgling influencer needs to ask themselves is how often should I be posting? Striking the perfect balance between exposure, frequency, and your personal brand, can be as difficult as finding the perfect pair of jeans. Ultimately we all know the […] Read more

How To Manage Social Media Whilst Traveling

Laura January 29, 2019
Traveling is food for the soul, but it does come with some challenges of its own when trying to manage your social media presence. Working across different time zones, planning consistent, high-quality content, capped off with how busy you’ll be enjoying yourself and working, can all be tough to manage. Here we run through some […] Read more

How Do I Add More To My Instagram Story?

Nic January 26, 2019
So you’re one of the 250 million people using Instagram Stories every day, but you can’t quite figure out how to add more to your Stories to maximize the impact? Here’s everything you need to know about adding more to your Instagram Stories. Practically Speaking Tap on the Stories icon and from here you can […] Read more

Instagram Followers: how many does the average person have?

Erin January 24, 2019
Of the one billion active monthly users on Instagram, how many followers does the average person have on Instagram? Well, most people have 100-300 followers. But it can depend on a whole number of factors, and it’s best to compare the number of followers you have to another Instagram user similar to yourself. Age One […] Read more

The Best Paid Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

Fiona January 22, 2019
Having quality photos is a sure fire way to get more likes and followers on Instagram. The math is simple – if people like your photos, they’ll want to see more and you have yourself a new follower. Achieving excellent photos on Instagram doesn’t have to be difficult, there are plenty of apps that can […] Read more

The Ultimate Guide: When To Post On Instagram

Aaron January 20, 2019
It’s common knowledge that in order to receive high engagement levels on Instagram, you have to post regularly. A lesser-known fact is that there are better and worse days and times to post when looking to get more likes on Instagram. Consistency is key, so don’t start off posting five times a day if you […] Read more

Why Do People Buy Instagram Followers?

Aaron January 18, 2019
What does buying Instagram followers do, and what does buying Instagram followers mean? Buying followers on Instagram is where users pay certain websites to beef up their numbers so they look more popular than they actually are. The idea behind this is that the market is so saturated it’s hard to get noticed – 70% […] Read more

Instagram’s Carousel Posts: Everything You Need To Know

Aaron January 12, 2019
How do you add more photos to your Instagram posts? Instagram’s Carousel feature, that’s how. The social media world breathed a sigh of relief when Instagram introduced this feature back in 2017. Now instead of having to choose just one photo to represent everything you needed to say, you can select up to 10 photos […] Read more

Free Instagram Likes: Top Sites and Services

Nic January 11, 2019
People use Instagram for different reasons – some to share footage of their latest adventures, others to share photos of their dogs with the aim of engaging with the animal-loving community, and others could be sharing images of their DIY projects to attract potential buyers. Whatever the use, everyone wants the same result, to attract […] Read more

Top Eight Free Editing Tools for Instagram

Aaron January 10, 2019
Instagram offers its own filters and some basic editing tools, but in order to create photos of a high-quality to get more Instagram followers, it’s necessary to look at third-party photo editing tools. Creating beautiful posts is very important when running a business on Instagram, as your photo feed is one of the first things […] Read more

Instagram Hashtags: Strategies and Suggestions

Aaron January 9, 2019
Increasing the popularity of your Instagram account is basically dependent on how searchable your posts are. Hashtags are arguably the best way to make your post more searchable to other users. Instagram itself doesn’t categorize posts, so the hashtags you use are essentially defining your post to the Instagram world. For this reason, it’s very […] Read more

Instagram Stories: Hacks for Success

Aaron January 8, 2019
Instagram Stories are exploding in the marketing and social media world, Mark Zuckerberg even hinted that he thinks the use of the Stories format will eventually overtake the traditional newsfeed format. One in five Instagram Stories results in a direct message; this means potential clients are directly reaching out to your business as a result […] Read more

Engagement 101: Get More Follows and Likes

Aaron January 7, 2019
You may have heard people talking about ‘growing your Instagram account organically’ or how to ‘get real followers on Instagram’, and thought, what on earth are they talking about? A follower is a follower, a like is a like. Unfortunately, not all followers and likes are created equally. Some users and businesses are so hasty […] Read more

How many times a day should you post on Instagram?

Aaron January 6, 2019
Consistency is key, so if you set your goal to post twice a day, it’s important to stick to this in order to gain more followers on Instagram. But how many times a day is optimum to be posting on Instagram? Is there a magic number? There have been a few studies into this, investigating […] Read more

How To Become An Instagram Influencer

Aaron January 5, 2019
An Instagram Influencer is somebody who has more influence than the average user, and brands pay them to promote their products. Does this actually work? Yup. It’s actually one of the top 10 ways to boost sales of your products. As an Influencer, you can have a lot of fun and earn even more money. […] Read more

How to Grow Your Instagram Travel Blog

Nic January 4, 2019
There are a lot of Instagram travel blogs out there and new ones starting every day. With the prevalence of cheaper travel and better gear, it’s far easier to get on Instagram to showcase your nomadic life. If you’re looking to start up your own Instagram blog or just grow your Instagram account, here are […] Read more

How To Use Instagram’s Search and Explore Tab

Aaron January 3, 2019
How Instagram’s Search and Explore Works Search Click on the search magnifying glass icon in Instagram to get to the Search and Explore tab. You can search for Places (location tags), Tags (hashtags), People (other users) and Top (everything). The results that come up differ for everyone as they are based on the people you […] Read more

Targeting Your Niche Audience On Instagram

Aaron January 2, 2019
One of the most basic rules of being successful on Instagram is to pick a niche for your account and stick to it. Chances are that with any niche, you’re attracting a very specific group of people who will be a more loyal following. In order to grow your Instagram presence, using Insights to gain […] Read more

Schedule Instagram Posts to grow your account

Nic January 1, 2019
Scheduling Instagram posts is a great tool to save time, helping social media managers and influencers with followers in different time zones. It allows you to post any time you want to ensure you are reaching your key audience, no matter where they are in the world. Tailwind’s study shows that posting consistently is one […] Read more

How Is The New Video Feature Going To Affect Instagram?

Aaron December 31, 2018
Instagram recently unveiled its new Instagram video feature – an app that can be used within or outside Instagram that allows you to post Instagram videos up to 60 minutes long. This was first announced in the Wall Street Journal, and is said to be keeping up with the demand for mobile video among both […] Read more

Best Editing Tools for Instagram Stories

Nic December 30, 2018
Creating quality content is important if your goal is to get more likes and followers on Instagram. Even in Stories where posts are deemed a lower and more casual quality than regular Instagram posts. There are some great editing tools and apps coming out for creating Instagram Stories, and it’s wise to utilize at least […] Read more

Top Three Instagram Growth Tools

Aaron December 29, 2018
Growth tools to get real Instagram followers are important for building up your number of followers. It can be easy to plateau using the obvious methods so having some tools in your belt can help you continue to grow your account. These tools will help you grow your account organically, so you’ll continue to build […] Read more

How to Increase Instagram Followers 2018

Nic December 28, 2018
Instagram is always changing and so everyone has to keep changing and updating their strategy. It’s important to keep growing your account so your business or brand continues to thrive, but how can you increase your followers in 2018? Maintain Your Profile A lot of users will be visiting your profile page to see who […] Read more

How To Use Bots To Grow Your Instagram Account

Aaron December 26, 2018
People are often curious about how others are using Instagram bots to grow their following, and whether they know a secret they’re not letting you in on. People are using automated services like bots in a bid to grow their following on Instagram but also trying to keep it authentic. Often methods of growing your […] Read more

Instagram Followers: Why You Need Them For Success

Nic December 25, 2018
The main reason why getting more Instagram followers is important is because you won’t be successful in whatever you Instagram goal is without having followers. Users have Instagram accounts for a variety of reasons – for sharing their lives with others, promoting their business, making money, to have their shot at fame, or to inspire […] Read more

How Paid Instagram Followers Boost Your Account

Nic December 24, 2018
It’s incredibly easy to buy followers on Instagram, the question most people have it should I buy followers on Instagram? There are definitely some downsides to buying followers but if done in the right way, it can really pay off. Here are five reasons why paid Instagram followers can give you the boost you need. […] Read more

Five Instagram Growth Hacks

Paul December 23, 2018
It’s easy to explain the benefits and importance of time-consuming methods to getting more followers on Instagram. I’m talking about laboriously replying to comments, adding insightful comments on other users’ posts and sending out personal direct messages to potential new followers. But what are some ways to get more followers on Instagram using growth hacks? […] Read more

Fake Vs. Real Instagram Likes

Nic December 22, 2018
Let’s break down why real Instagram likes are better than fakes. 1. Fake likes violate Instagram’s Terms of Service 2. Fake likes equate to fake engagement 3. You risk brand discovering your engagement isn’t authentic 4. Fake likes can easily be detected by brands and Influencers 5. Real likes help you build your brand long-term […] Read more

Buy IG Likes To Hit The Instagram Explore Page

Aaron December 20, 2018
Replacing the original Popular page on Instagram, the Explore page is where you want to be featured to get more engagement and attract new followers. The catch is that in order to be featured and feel the effect of it, you need to have high engagement on your posts. If you don’t yet have the […] Read more

Best Five Ways To Buy Instagram Followers

Laura December 19, 2018
The best way to get Instagram followers when buying them is to make sure they are active accounts and preferably people you would be naturally targeting. There are a few ways to go about doing this, websites that offer options for demographic information are great because you can target the followers you’re buying so they […] Read more

How To Use Stories On Instagram

Aaron December 18, 2018
While regular Instagram posts are designed for your very best content, Stories are designed to be used more frequently but with more ‘average’ posts. The idea is that it’s a fun way to share off the cuff moments you might not want on your regular feeds and show a different side to your account’s personality. […] Read more

How Many Hashtags Is Too Many?

Harry December 17, 2018
It’s a well-known fact that you have to add hashtags to your posts on Instagram in order for them to be found. People even talk in real life in hashtags, that’s how much a part of society they have become. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags to each post, but this could […] Read more

The Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram – And Why You Shouldn’t Use Them

Aaron December 16, 2018
The reasons for using hashtags on Instagram for business are threefold – to get more likes, gain more followers and make more sales. Users who are interested in searching within a particular field will use hashtags related to the niche to find what they’re looking for, and using relevant hashtags give users the chance to […] Read more

Acquiring Followers on Instagram in 2018

Fiona December 15, 2018
What makes the methods of getting Instagram followers different in 2016 and 2018? Everything. Instagram has changed and developed so much within the last two years. Not only are all of Instagram’s algorithms different now but more people are using Instagram and for lots of different reasons. What started out as a little website/app where […] Read more

Instagram Beauty: How To Get Real Followers

Aaron December 14, 2018
How to get real followers on Instagram can be a long and laborious journey. Once you’re up and running, it can be very rewarding to see the followers flock in. The main ways to build up real followers are high-quality content, making your posts visible, and high engagement on your posts from yourself and others. […] Read more

Entrepreneurs: A Guide to Boost Your Instagram Followers

Erin December 13, 2018
If you’ve created a successful business and have knowledge that could help people build their own business, or help an existing business thrive, becoming a business Influencer could be the niche for you. Anyone who isn’t as successful as you will be interested in following you, you just need to find these people in order […] Read more

How To Grow Your Luxury Lifestyle Instagram Account

Aaron December 12, 2018
Luxury lifestyle niche accounts on Instagram are very popular and very profitable. Social media basically exists because everyone wants to show off how amazing their life is. But how can you get followers to your luxury lifestyle account when everyone wants to show off theirs? Learn how to get followers on Instagram with this guide. […] Read more

How To Find Instagram Followers Who Love Cute Animals

Aaron December 10, 2018
Newsflash – this is most Instagram users, making ‘cute animals’ a great niche to tap into. In order to effectively target potential followers, it’s wise to find out why they are looking at cute animal pictures as well as what kinds of cute animal pictures they enjoy. Learn how to easily increase Instagram followers with […] Read more

Pros To Paying For Instagram Followers

Aaron December 9, 2018
Many people focus on the cons, but there are so many pros to paying for Instagram followers. If handled correctly, buying active Instagram followers can really help your brand flourish on Instagram. It should be seen as a smart investment and a supplement to your marketing strategy. 1. Quick and easy Getting followers yourself can […] Read more

Schedule Instagram Posts To Grow Your Account

Aaron December 8, 2018
Scheduling Instagram posts is a great tool to save time, helping social media managers and influencers with followers in different time zones. It allows you to post any time you want to ensure you are reaching your key audience, no matter where they are in the world. Tailwind’s study shows that posting consistently is one […] Read more

Top Five Techniques To Boost Your Instagram Followers

Harry December 7, 2018
It can be hard to grow Instagram followers with the correct techniques when there are so many shortcuts out there. These range from buying shout outs, to buying followers and comments. While these may have short-term benefits or help you to boost your numbers, using the correct techniques will give you a long-lasting, loyal fan […] Read more

Why You Should Want to Get Followers on Instagram

Aaron December 6, 2018
Everyone wants to get more followers on Instagram. But why? Besides boosting your self-esteem, there are many reasons to want more followers on Instagram. A huge amount of people are using Instagram for business now. More followers on Instagram equals a larger reach, more social currency and the ability to drive traffic to your website. […] Read more

Instagram Fashion: Guide To Boosting Followers

Laura December 4, 2018
When you’re swimming in a sea of fashion accounts on Instagram, it can feel like you’re drowning. How can you stand out and grow your followers on Instagram when there are already so many fashion accounts out there? With these simple hacks, you’ll be a successful Instagram fashionista in no time. Stand Out Some think […] Read more

Musician’s Guide To Using Instagram To Boost Followers

Aaron December 2, 2018
With so many different types of Instagram accounts out there, it’s hard to give specific tips on growing your followers. This guide focuses on how to grow your followers if your account is within the music niche, with specific tips that you can use straight away. What Is A Music Account? Instagram accounts focusing on […] Read more

Best Instagram Hacks

Paul November 28, 2018
There are so many growth hacks you can use for building up your followers on Instagram, but using ones that target your audience are the most effective in the long-term. Keeping all your tactics revolving around the relevant demographics, hashtags and Influencers will help you get noticed by the users you want to notice you. […] Read more

Relationship Goals; Connect and Get Followers!

Aaron November 28, 2018
Everyone wants to love and be loved, which is why Instagram accounts focusing on relationships are successful. Selecting a niche, or a theme, for your Instagram account is imperative to your success in growing your number of followers. Learn how to get Instagram followers with our guide below. Types of Relationships There are different types […] Read more

Top 10 Instagram Tools to Help You Grow Your Instagram

Erin November 26, 2018
There are many different kinds of tools you can use to grow your Instagram account. These can range from buying followers or likes, to photo editing tools and post scheduling tools. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best tools that you may not have considered, to help you get more followers on Instagram. […] Read more

What are Instagram Hashtags?

Fiona November 17, 2018
If you’re new to Instagram or just looking to increase the visibility of your account, hashtags are an essential tool to get more followers and likes. Posts with at least one hashtag have 12.6% more engagement than those without. Instagram hashtags help categorize your posts and let users find content relevant to them. Effective use […] Read more

Instagram Shadowban; A Myth Or Reality?

Aaron November 16, 2018
Rumor has it that Instagram Shadowban is a new Instagram algorithm that changes the environment and growth strategy of your profile. Many, on the other hand, believe that Instagram Shadowban is directed towards selected profiles, not allowing them to rank on hashtags. This means that Shadowban limits the reach of your profile. This does not, […] Read more

Get More Likes on Instagram: The Power of Selfies and Making Your Account Personable

Harry November 9, 2018
Photos with faces on Instagram get 38% more likes than photos without a face. They also receive 32% more comments, that’s a whopping increase in engagement. We are naturally drawn to human faces and Instagram accounts that seem more ‘human’. How do you get more likes on Instagram? By posting selfies? Well it might not […] Read more

How To Use Live Video on Instagram

Aaron October 1, 2018
Live videos are a great way of connecting with your Instagram audience in real time, and seem to be a largely untapped market by businesses. It’s an innovative way of further engaging your followers, and attracting new ones at the same time. Understandably, a lot of businesses are opting to use Instagram Stories instead because […] Read more

Targeting Your Niche Audience On Instagram

Laura September 26, 2018
Getting more likes and followers on Instagram isn’t necessarily a good thing if the likes and follows are coming from users completely irrelevant to who you are aiming for. If you’re using Instagram for business, you’ll ideally have a similar audience on Instagram to everywhere else in order to maximize your sales. If users merely […] Read more

Top Six Ways to Get More Instagram Likes

Aaron September 21, 2018
As of June 2018, Instagram now has one billion monthly users, so surely it can’t be so hard to get a few thousand, or even hundred thousand, likes on your Instagram posts? But with so many users out there now, you’ll need some strategies to help your account stand out from others and make people […] Read more

The Downside to Buying Instagram Followers

Aaron September 18, 2018
There are so many services out there that offer seemingly wonderful opportunities for increase followers on Instagram. Pay a flat fee and see your number of Instagram followers skyrocket! They sound too good to be true. And they are. Here we have it, the reasons why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers. Remember Instagram’s Roots Instagram […] Read more

How To Get More Likes On Instagram

Aaron September 15, 2018
The need for ‘the most’ likes on social media has taken on a psychological edge in the modern era. It’s how a good chunk of the population measure their own self-worth, it’s an addictive cycle we get ourselves trapped into. Is it possible to flip this cycle and use it to gain more likes for […] Read more

Instagram Features 2018 – a complete guide

Aaron September 5, 2018
2018 has been a year of improvements and changes to Instagram. New features seem to be appearing constantly and with the launch of IGTV you might need some help remembering all the advancements Instagram has implemented. Some are simple updates to privacy but others are designed to help you get more followers and grow your […] Read more

The Most Important Facts For Your Instagram Business

Aaron September 1, 2018
Instagram is growing quickly with reports that they have 800 million users active in May 2018, an increase of 100 million over the last month – 500 million of these users are active daily. When Facebook bought Instagram in April 2012 it only had 30 million users – that’s growth of nearly 2,700%! 7 out […] Read more

The Key to Scheduling Instagram Posts

Aaron August 29, 2018
When it comes to maintaining or boosting your social media presence, research has shown that consistency is key. Post sporadically and you’ll lose momentum, post too much and you’ll be spamming your followers’ feeds. Setting aside some time each week to schedule your posts can help achieve this balance and save you from scrambling each […] Read more

Essential Instagram Profile Picture Hacks

Aaron August 25, 2018
Your Instagram profile picture is one of the first things potential followers see when they visit your account, and it could be the deciding factor between gaining a new follower or not. Your profile picture, or avatar, should be kept the same across all social media platforms for your business accounts. Being consistent is key […] Read more

Welcome to IGTV

Aaron August 19, 2018
“IGTV, a new app for watching long-form, vertical video from your favorite Instagram creators” Kevin Systrom, Co-Founder & CEO of Instagram Instagram’s new platform and YouTube competitor is here. As well as being a standalone app, IGTV, you can also watch content from your favourite creators in the Instagram app. What is IGTV? IGTV is […] Read more

Which Hashtags Get The Most Likes?

Aaron August 15, 2018
Hashtags are a great way to get more likes on Instagram, but which hashtags get the most likes? This all depends on what type of Instagram account you have: what your theme is and what your tone is. For example, if you posted a beautiful photo of a snowy mountain, you wouldn’t use the hashtags […] Read more

Which Filter Should I Use On Instagram?

Aaron August 12, 2018
So, you’re posting regularly on Instagram, at scheduled times with beautiful images, and steadily building your Instagram community. Everything’s going great, but could it be going better? Let’s talk about the best filters to use. #nofilter is popular but have you ever noticed people use this hashtag when their photo looks suspiciously like it does […] Read more

Get More Followers on Instagram: Stories Content Ideas

Aaron August 11, 2018
Stories are one of the biggest things to hit Instagram. They are incredibly useful for a business or Influencer, primarily because, aside from your profile, it’s the only place on Instagram you can add in links. They keep users engaged because they tend to bring more fun and personality to your brand and thus are […] Read more

Which Hashtags Get The Most Likes in 2018?

Aaron August 2, 2018
Hashtags are a great way to get more likes on Instagram, but which hashtags get the most likes? This all depends on what type of Instagram account you have: what your theme is and what your tone is. For example, if you posted a beautiful photo of a snowy mountain, you wouldn’t use the hashtags […] Read more

How to Become an Instagram Influencer in 2019

Aaron August 1, 2018
Just 10 years ago, being an Instagram influencer wasn’t a career. Today, marketers spend over $570 million per year on Instagram influencer marketing. So it’s easy to understand why more and more people are trying to figure out how to become an Instagram influencer. Seeing photos of people traveling around the world, working on their […] Read more

How to Get Featured on Instagram Search

Aaron August 1, 2018
How does Instagram Search and Explore Work? Instagram Search Click on the search magnifying glass icon in Instagram to get to the Search and Explore tab. You can search for Places (location tags), Tags (hashtags), People (other users) and Top (everything). The results that come up differ for everyone as they are based on the […] Read more

Get Likes for Instagram

Aaron July 16, 2018
Getting likes for Instagram and focusing on your engagement is equally important as getting caught up and focusing on follower count. Throughout this article I’m going to explain why the importance of Instagram likes and engagement metrics are far more important than focusing on Follower count, and recommend some powerful growth services that can help […] Read more

Instagram Video Download

Aaron July 11, 2018
So in recent articles we explain how to get Instagram followers but what if you want to be able to download Instagram videos and pictures you’re uploading to Instagram or others Instagram uploads? We explained how content is king and the importance of it, so saving those epic uploads can be helpful. There are many […] Read more

Best Time To Post On Instagram

Aaron June 16, 2018
Learn when to post on Instagram at the best times. Many people wonder the best time to post on Instagram? The answer to this, changes often almost as often as the Instagram algorithm During previous years Social Media Influencers that evenings from 8-10pm was peak posting times on Instagram. However in 2018 influencers and agencies […] Read more